Monday, June 11, 2012

Beautiful Brow

Even with just mascara and powder, eyebrows are done.
Here's me dressed up directing a wedding this weekend, eyebrows here a little darker. Not to mention the wonderful photographer I got to work with and who has beautiful brows, Amy!!!! :)

For a long time, I was afraid of eyebrow pencils. I didn't want the Elizabeth Taylor brow, ten times darker than my hair color and drawn on a different way for every photo. I, like most people, have brows that are slightly lighter than my hair. I also have what many makeup artists call, white spots, places that are not filled in on the brow line. FYI, Sephora will do an express eye makeup session for FREE. It takes ten minutes and you don't have to buy anything. One off day, I ventured there for some powder I was out of. I decided to let them do my brows, and now I cannot live without guess what, eyebrow pencil. I don't pick a shade that exactly matches my hair, instead, one shade lighter. That way, I can control how dark they need to be. I don't spend big money on these, the cheaper, the better. I do encourage you to try one. Some are even $.99 (YES!) and can make a huge change in the look of your makeup. If you try it and hate it, what have you lost? Nothing. You can use that same pencil as an eyeliner, boom. Please gorgeous, give it a try.

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