Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rockabilly, Pouf, Beehive, and Bouffant

Hello! This hairstyle goes anywhere and everywhere! Better get to readin' and practicin', belles! 

Business Beehive

Beach Bouffant

Saturday Pouf

Rockabilly Bridesmaid

Sometimes I wonder what I'll think of pictures of myself in twenty years. Currently, and holding on strong (oh, I kill myself) for quite sometime has been this convenient hairstyle. I'm so about it, I don't even care about the laughs that may come when I'm sixty. I'm this girl: I see it, I want my hair to do it, I find a way. It may or may nor haunt me later. However, hold on to those bell bottoms, people. Hippie is making another round. Oh, how you wish you'd held on to those sixties tribal prints.

Although the title of this post could be some great names for farm animals, today I'm talking big hair. Supposedly, southern women know how to, "Hike their hair to heaven." Well, let me tell you. People think this hairdo is a mystery. People come up to me fingers pointed, jaws dropped, "How'd you get your hair to do that?" "Can I touch it?" "Please give me a quick lesson." "I can't do that with my hair." I've heard it all. With practice, you can! I'm all about healthy hair. I'm not a back comber, no sir. I won't lie, it took practice. Somedays my hair will hike it to Jesus, while other days it's as flat as a corncake. We women know how to go to war with our hair. We attack it like the D-Day landing, because nobody else knows just how to "fix" it.
 Here's my battle plan:
1.) You'll need dry shampoo, bobby pins, coordinating ponytail holders, and lightweight hairspray.
2.) Wash your hair the night before, or day before, or two days before, whatever your dirty preference may be.
3.) Flip your hair over your head and spray dry shampoo on top.
4.) Leave for several minutes. Comb shampoo out of hair.
5.) Take a small front section of hair, for me, its my bangs. Grab at top of head and "pouf" forward. Pin in place with one pin going to the right and another to the left.
6.) Sweep rest of hair into a low bun or ponytail. I twist my hair completely, wrap it around in a circle, and throw a ponytail holder on to secure.
7.) Spray with hairspray.

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